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Monday Challenge 12.2.13 – Same Sex Attraction, Religious Freedom, and “Wow.”

Good Monday! Another week begins. Time for some good mind food. I’ll see ya Friday with the most popular article of the ones linked to here. Until then, be challenged!

Link of the Week

Here is a site made by Christians with same sex attraction.  It gives hope to those with same sex attraction who want to honor Jesus rather than act on the sinful desire.  I’m so glad for a site like this.

Question: Is there someone you know who would be helped to see a site like this? Would you share it with them?

Christian Faith

1. When you minister in tough places, keep these things in mind.  This article really spoke to me.

Question: Which of these is most helpful to you? How will you plan to make a change because of this?

2. How to be thankful in all circumstances.  I really enjoy the perspectives the DG blog has on things.

Question: What circumstances challenge you the most?

Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom

Read this article and know about the Supreme Court case coming. It’s HUGE for religious freedom.

Question: How much does your religious freedom matter and how much do you think a case like this really is a litmus test for our country’s attitudes?


Probably a parenting article of my own cooking for Wednesday night. Until then, some other thoughts:

1. Exactly why do you wish your kids were different? Be sure to catch this whole article and evaluate.

Question: How much of our preferences are behind our parenting?

2. Ten things every teen girl should know.  Most can be adapted for teen guys.

Question: Are there ways you could use this article as a conversation starter with your teen?


So we have a city in Summit County this is in a lot of turmoil.  Here’s an interesting article.

Question: If you were stuck in this, what would you do to try to make it better?


Who knew giving away $1,000 could get you in trouble?  If that sounds weird, wait till you see why he did it!

All I have to say here is wow.

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