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Monday Challenge 12.19.16 – Christmas Depression, Akron Heroin, Special Needs


Good Monday morning!

A big weekend lies ahead. Before all the rush, take time for a challenge!

Christmas Depression

This article covers a lot of ground for an issue which impacts many this time of year.

Question: How do you deal with depression this time of year or help those who struggle?

Akron Heroin

This story highlights an Akron resident. For many this will sound extreme. After reading it, I think it accurately portrays the reality many (not all) people experience in fighting against both addiction and background experiences.

Question: What can you learn from a story like this?

Special Needs

This article brings to light many aspects of special needs parenting. “But we must be working from a deeper conviction…”

Question: How would you evaluate the most important need and related cost as identified by this article?

Bored With Christmas?

Does familiarity breed contempt? Good question.

Question: How can you worship afresh and anew this Christmas?


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