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Monday Challenge 12.16.13 – Good Michigan, Bad Michigan

Monday! Time for another set of challenging links.  Check ’em out!

Good Michigan.

I rarely say good things about Michigan, but this is great news. I hope and pray other states (c’mon, Ohio!) follow the lead.

Question: What convictions do you have that should lead to action?

Bad Michigan.  

This is just about hilarious. It’s the sort of thing we’d expect from those drivers up north.

Question: Really? You want me to ask something serious about this? Sometimes it’s okay to just laugh!

The Christian Faith

1. It’s Christmas time. What do you really know about the Christmas story? Take this Christmas quiz!

Question: How important is Biblical knowledge to you? If it’s God standard, should you know it better?

2. Be honest about guilt and sin.

Question: How important is an article like this to your personal spiritual health?

In 2.5 Minutes, Make Yourself a Better Person.

Seriously, this little video points out some very important things about how we relate to others. VERY worthwhile.

Question: What are some of the most common listening mistakes you make?


Could you survive multiple days with your family in the freezing wilderness after a crash? These people did, and here’s how they did it.

Question: Ok Boy Scout, are you prepared?



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