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Monday Challenge 12.14.15 – Muslims and Religious Liberty, Nepal Blockade, Pastoral Joys


Monday has arrived again. Up for a challenge? I hope so. These articles tackle some challenging topics.

As usual, Friday I’ll be back with a feature on the article getting the most clicks.

Open Letter to Franklin Graham on Religious Liberty

This letter details Trump’s proposal to close our border based on religious affiliation by challenging a Christian leader’s agreement with it. I found the line of thinking challenging.

Question: Does perspective from another country help?

Nepal Blockade

I know about the Nepal blockade because missionaries our church supports may soon find their travel plans disrupted by a political blockade. Read through this brief summary of impact on the Nepal blockade.

Question: Is it possible for us to relate in any way? How does this article help you pray?

History Matters

This article describes us as an amnesiac society. The challenge to the reader: history matters.

Question: How does this article help shape your view of history?

Pastoral Joys

Last week I shared an article detailing pastoral struggles, especially at Christmas time. This week I’ll share one about pastoral joys. Not everything in this article resonates with me, but I would definitely want the average reader to know that pastoral ministry features many areas of joy.

Question: Which surprised you the most?


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