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Monday Challenge 12.12.16 – Trump’s Cabinet, Censoring Down’s Syndrome, Disappointing Worship


Good morning. Monday means I organize and share various articles of interest. Sharing does not imply complete agreement. “Challenge” means just that. So, I invite you, challenge your thinking today!

Trump’s Cabinet

Nine Christians in Trump’s cabinet. With all necessary disclaimers implied about Trump, politics, etc, I do trust this writer and I find this interesting.

Question: Is God answering specific prayers in the Cabinet selection process?

Censoring Down’s Syndrome

The French government find a video affirming Down’s Syndrome children “inappropriate”. This should make us wonder why.

Question: why would a government not want to expose its people to this video?

Low Preaching Expectations

A challenging view of how we approach preaching.

Question: how do you value preaching and why?

Disappointing Worship

“The church is more like a dinner in, at home with family, than one out at an expensive restaurant.” Read this fine challenge to how we can guard our hearts during and in response to worship.


  1. I think its dangerous to think that God is answering our prayers when we feel like our side is “winning”. I have serious doubts in Trump’s decision making, so am led to doubt he is going to choose the right people for his cabinet too. Plus just because someone is a “devout Christian” doesn’t mean they are the best person for the job.

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