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Monday Challenge 12.1.14 – Read About Ferguson, Adoption, Hell, Rooting for Immoral Athletes?

Good morning. It’s quite an active time in the world we live in, isn’t it? I certainly enjoy reading about it, and I’m glad to share what I read. I suppose a disclaimer here should say that I don’t necessarily agree point for point with everything I share. Let what you read here, and elsewhere, challenge the way you think – and act.

Read About Ferguson

I think you should read about Ferguson. I think you should read about these events and ask some fundamental questions about our nation, your community, and your own personal attitudes. The following articles should help:

Voddie Bauchum has a lot to say about fatherlessness in the black community.

Alan Noble responds by pointing to sin’s role in the issue.

From Akron’s paper: can this happen here? They think yes.

Here are some stats on how different races see things differently.


Don’t miss this article about the important topic of adoption: 9 things you should know.

The Bad Guys

Can you root for “the bad guys”? Should you cheer for an immoral athlete? This one by Barnabas Piper will make you think.


Paul Tripp with some excellent thoughts about hell. What should the doctrine of hell mean to us?

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