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Monday Challenge 11.7.16 – Pastors’ Endorsements, Repentance, E-mail


Maybe Monday morning presents enough challenges.

Well, here – let me challenge your mind. Enjoy!

Pastors and Endorsements

By policy, I don’t endorse specific candidates. This pastor doesn’t either, and explains why.

Question: Is this true for other Christians as well?


Our church has recently studied the end of Acts 3, one of many places where Peter challenges his listeners to repentance. These thoughts help clarify the concept.

Question: Could you explain the difference between sorrow and repentance?

Praying Enough?

Do you pray enough? Good question.

Question: How much does guilt influence your spiritual discipline?

Hillary and Email

How to make your email more secure than Hillary’s. Seriously.

Question: How secure is your email?


  1. Steven Motich says:

    So you’re voting for. . . ???

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