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Monday Challenge 11.30.15 – Browns and Leadership, Lessons from Eye Surgery, What Is A Budget


Happy Monday! Is it? If not, hopefully engaging your mind will help. Reading others’ thoughts and viewpoints encourages me greatly. I’m glad to share with the goal of sharpening our understanding of life, faith, and Scripture.


Yes, Thanksgiving has gone. But this article shows that Thanksgiving cannot be divorced from theology. If that sounds really weighty, don’t let it stop you from giving this a read.

Question: How did this article shape your view of God and Thanksgiving?

The Browns and Leadership

I’ve had a few similar thoughts myself to the ones expressed in this article. Read this and try to convince me leadership doesn’t matter.

Question: What does this article teach you about leadership?

Lessons From Eye Surgery

I appreciate these honest thoughts about enduring eye surgery. The pastoral perspective sheds particular light into both the struggle and the calling.

Question: Which of the ten stood out to you the most?

What Is A Budget?

Do you have a defined budget? Do you have a defined purpose behind your budget? This piece is guaranteed to help you think about how to approach your approach to finances!

Question: Of the eight, what made you think most about your approach to budgeting?

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