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Monday Challenge 11.28.16 – Election and Race, LGBT Evidence, Down’s Syndrome


Good morning! Time for a challenge. These articles will challenge for sure. Enjoy.

Election and Race

The Church possesses a powerful weapon in the wake of the election: unity. This article challenges five specific areas.

Question: Which of the five statements challenge your thinking the most?

LGBT Evidence

This article references some recent studies which work against the narrative created by many in the LGBT community.

Question: How should a believer lovingly handle the information in this article?


What do idols do to us? Give this a few minutes and ask God to reveal areas of your life where false gods threaten the One True God.

Question: In what specific ways do we trust false gods? And in what ways do they mock us?

Down’s Syndrome

What a creative idea! This page features people with Down’s Syndrome answering questions about people with Down’ Syndrome. Great stuff.

Question: What did you learn? What would you ask?


  1. Linda Brower says:

    I don’t agree with at least one point in this LGBT article. I don’t know anything about all of the transgender stuff. But as far as someone being “born homosexual”, I know that is true. I grew up with a boy that always played with me and my girlfriends. He played “house”, and barbies with us. He had no desire to be with the boys on our street. I never questioned it as a kid. It seemed normal to me. One Summer his mom told him he couldn’t play with us anymore. I remember asking my mom why Kenny couldn’t play with us. Looking back on it, I think she realized Kenny’s feminine traits and was trying to steer him to socializing more with the boys than us girls. It didn’t work. After awhile she gave up and Kenny was back being our buddy. Kenny was gay. He was gay from the very beginning. He didn’t “choose” to be gay. That was his natural tendency. So, I do not believe any study that says that isn’t true. I witnessed it myself. You can spout studies on the other side saying people are “wired” that way. So what good is a study – especially when you have a natural bias built into it.

    • Linda, I’ll respond with a couple points and also extend an invitation for a personal conversation. I respect you. First, I found the studies interesting because they come from people who have been sympathetic to the LGBT cause. That gave me pause and made me think. I understand studies have personal bias, but the ones mentioned in this article really cut against the grain of their expected personal bias. Second, many people like Kenny have identified their feelings as sinful and have successfully submitted those feelings to Biblical truth. Submitting homosexual feelings to Biblical truth doesn’t always mean they change, either. So, knowing many have fought those feelings should make us think. Again, I’m open to a personal conversation. I’d love to share some of my own story as well.

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