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Monday Challenge 11.27.17 – Church Health, Sex Assault and Repentance, Manhood/Womanhood

Good afternoon. A bit later this week, but some challenging articles nonetheless!

Take a look…

Church Health

This article has 28 signs of church health. None reference numbers! Sometimes I struggle with articles like this (hard not to compare or evaluate), but the basic points here do help.

Question: Did this help you think about church health in a different way?

Thanksgiving and Service

I enjoyed this essay about thankfulness, service in Iraq, and missing his daughter’s birth.

Question: What challenged you most?

Sex Assault and Repentance

Yes, we must speak with moral clarity. No longer can you have repeated patterns of sexual assault or harrassment and keep them quiet. Victims should get understanding ears from leadership and all believers. But what message do we have for the sinner? You mean, even THOSE sinners?

Question: How difficult is it to say both difficult things in our culture?

Manhood and Womanhood

This article takes a look at finding balance for both men and women in living out our calling. I especially appreciate the call for mature Christians.

Question: In what area do you tend to find an unhealthy sense of identity?

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