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Monday Challenge 11.24.14 – Gospel Telling & Opposition, Is Gay the Same as Black?, Mentally Ill

It’s Monday again. I hope you’re looking forward to a great week of giving thanks. I know I am. So much of what I experience  warms the flames of affections for God – He is worthy!

Enjoy these articles. And as always, be challenged!

Link of the Week

Is black the new gay? This is an excellent question. It is worth your time to read through this and see why it’s shaky to equate gay discrimination with racial discrimination.

Question: How does this article change the way you think about discrimination?

The Christian Faith

1. When the Gospel is proclaimed there is opposition and only one of two responses: what’s yours?

Question: Do you bring any faulty expectations to the exercise of proclaiming Jesus?

2. Here is a great thought on church buildings: what goes on in them should be going on before they’re built.

Question: What expectations do you have for your church building?

3. How do we deal with the mentally ill?

Question: Do the good thoughts in this article spark any thoughts about what we should DO?

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