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Monday Challenge 11.23.15 – Fixing Pain, Kids and Terrorism, Refugee Policy


Good Monday morning everyone! Is there such a thing as a good Monday? If not, then at least come ready for a challenge to get your mind flowing. These articles will force some thought to how you approach some difficult topics.

Fixing Pain

Can you fix pain quickly? Do you wish you could? Do you have a hard time relating to those in pain because you think it should just be fixed quicker?

The clever title reveals the argument: The lasting pain of quick fixes.

Question: Did this article change your approach to pain?

Kids and Terrorism

Have you wondered what to tell your kids about ISIS? This article should help. Please use caution and wisdom based on child’s age and personality.

Question: Which did you find most helpful?

Fear, Compassion, and Refugees

Fear? Compassion? Both? Neither? This article covers many sides of the dilemma and argues that compassion can’t be the only standard.

Question: What did you read here that you hadn’t considered before?


It’s been a serious couple weeks, hasn’t it? Enjoy something funny.

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