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Monday Challenge 11.20.17 – Roy Moore, Terry Francona, Racist Housing Policy

Good morning! A new week brings a new set of challenging articles involving a wide variety of topics. Enjoy – and be challenged!

Roy Moore, et al.

The arguments to defend Roy Moore, Al Franken and the like say a lot. And they’re dangerous!

Question: Does speaking with moral clarity matter?

Terry Francona

I heard some questions during the ALDS, and this article brings some of those questions to light. Tito is a great manager, but…

Question: Anything to this if you’re an Indians fan?

Racism and Housing

If you’re new to the idea that governmental systems have shown preferential treatment along racial lines, this article will help you understand.

Question: How does this shape your view of past and present racial realities?

Netflix and Boredom

Netflix wants to cure your boredom.

Question: Good or bad? Why?


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