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Monday Challenge 11.2.15 – Expensive to Be Poor, Incredible Wisdom, After Shark Tank Deals


Good Monday morning!

It’s early Monday (12:08 to be exact and the Royals have just scored a go ahead run in the 12th).  But it’s not too early for Monday Challenge!

I’ll be back Friday with a feature of the article that today’s readers click the most.

It’s Expensive to Be Poor

This article shows the difficulty of getting out of poverty.

Question: Does this help you think differently about those in poverty?

What Incredible Wisdom

This has eight pieces of wisdom. Each piece could have stood alone. Fantastic!

Question: Which challenges you the most?

The Reformation and Communion

This past weekend marked the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This article explains a lot about the differing views of communion emerging during that time.

Question: How do you approach and experience the communion meal? Does this article help or change anything in your perspective?

After Shark Tank Deals

Did you ever wonder what happens after “deals” are made on Shark Tank? Reading this will shed some light behind the scenes.

Question: Before reading, what percentage of deals actually closing would you have guessed?


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