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Monday Challenge 11.18.13 – Highlights Include Parenting and Laziness

It’s Monday again.  Time for some challenging articles.  Why else would you be here? Stop back Friday to see which article got the most clicks.  Until then, I hope and pray your week will be off to a great start!

Link of the Week – Parenting

How do we talk about our kids sins? Do we treat our kids graciously? This article provokes some VERY good thoughts that really challenged me.

Question: Are there safeguards you should put in place in response?

The Christian Faith

1. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP. Here’s a great 9 minute video from David Platt explaining some of the Biblical reasons for committing yourself to a local church.

Question: If you don’t think church membership is necessary, did anything in this video help?

2. CHURCH HISTORY: Are you discouraged? Read about this guy.

Question: Is encouragement something you need regularly?

3.  MONEY: Laziness costs you money.

Question: What is the most convicting point in this article? What is most helpful if you are working with someone who is lazy?

Life Issues

1. THE HOMOSEXUAL LABEL: Here are some great reasons why teens shouldn’t be forced to label themselves.

Question: Do you let the media drive your opinions on this issue?

2. USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Here is the Today Show’s take on using social media selfishly. Interesting.

Question: Why do you agree or disagree with what’s written here?

Common Interest

These are just some great photos. Thought I’d share these.

Question: Do these encourage you at all?

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