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Monday Challenge 11.11.13 – Includes the Article of the Year!! (In My Opinion)

The day seems to be stacking up with things to do, so I’m going to post this a bit early – Monday morning! Hopefully the weekly tradition of the Price Is Right on in the background won’t cloud my thoughts too much.  No guessing here, just some thought-provoking challenges, and, yes, (in my opinion) the article of the year.

The Article of the Year

I read a lot of articles – hundreds, if not over a thousand articles throughout the course of the year.  This one has stood out to me as one of the best.  Here are 10 Love Challenges from David Murray. If you are involved in a local church, doing these things repeatedly and challenging others to do so will make for one VERY strong group of believers.

Question: Are you as challenged by this article as I was? Why or why not?


1. Another article from David Murray. Here’s some advice on how to help boys succeed in school.

Question: Men, which of these can you do?

2. I’m obviously not a mom, but I thought this was good.

Question: Is this as simple as remembering that we need to see things positively sometimes (including ourselves)?

Adoption Month

Here’s a unique initiative being taken up by churches in a certain region.

Question: Do you think adoption would be taken more seriously if Christian truly understood the value of helping stabilize the lives of children outside their families?

About Pastoring

This is gritty and honest and I like it when people are honest.  I like to be challenged by hearing other’s perspectives.

Question: Is there anything that surprises you here?


Wow. Read this and cringe. At least I did.

Question: Would you have a heart attack?



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