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Monday Challenge 11.10.14 – Risk Is Right, Stand And Greet Time, Time With Kids

It’s another Monday. It’s an exciting week at the blog with the giveaway contest going on THIS WEEK. See below for entry details. For this week’s Monday challenge, five articles to stir your mind and hopefully your soul. Here we go!

Link of the Week

Do you like or dislike the stand and greet time at church? Here’s how one blogger (who was NOT a big fan of it) learned to embrace it.

Question: Are you challenged by what this blogger says church is all about?

The Christian Faith

1. PARENTING: Here are some good thoughts on quality and quantity time with your kids.

Question: Is it hard for you to get quantity time? What prevents that?

2. WORLD MISSIONS: It’s good to read stories like this from time to time. Challenge yourself and click.

Question: How do you react or respond to stories like this one?


Question: If you’re not called to world missions, how can you take risks for the Gospel?

4. PATIENCE: Do you hate to wait? Here are some great thoughts on delayed gratification.

Question: What are you waiting for right now and how is God using that to grow you?


The rules and entry quiz for my 2014 blog giveaway have been posted. Click here to get all the details and enter. I look forward to receiving your entry. This year’s prize is $400 holiday cash. You have all week. The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. Sunday November 16. Don’t procrastinate!

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