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Monday Challenge 10.5.15 – Facts of Umpqua, Chipotle Church, How Affairs Happen


It’s the first Monday in October. Time flies! Here we go with another Monday of challenging (I hope) articles. Friday’s Feature will highlight the article you click the most today.

How Affairs Happen

This article talks about how affairs happen. Please, don’t think you’re exempt.

Question: Have you ever seen yourself at the stages listed?

Chipotle Church

Chipotle offers great choice. Should we view church through the same lens?

Question: How do we detail differences between what we want and what we need?

Umpqua Shooting FACTS

After shootings, lots of stories emerge. This article states facts, and may get updates as time goes by.

Question: Do you question accuracy of events?

Planned Parenthood Videos

This site gives you one place to stop for a summary of what the videos contain.

Question: Convicted enough to share yet?

The Last Enemy

What is the last enemy? Scripture tells us. This article summarizes and challenges.

Question: How does this article comfort or challenge on this Monday?

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