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Monday Challenge 10.3.16 – Old Universe? – Nostalgia – Hurt By The Church?


Good morning. I’m a bit sluggish in getting this post made today. Even with a delay, you should find some good challenging reading. Enjoy!

I will be back Friday with a feature on which article gets the most clicks!

Why does the universe look old?

Good question. Good article. Although admittedly a bit lax on “details”, this will challenge the believing mind.

Question: Do you agree with the author’s approach to answering the question?

Nostalgia and hope

This article makes us think about the tension between nostalgia and hope.

Question: Which is stronger for you?

Kids and technology, and theology?

Seems like an interesting mix for an article, yes. But I found the thought process here worthwhile. I hope you will too.

Question: Which would your kids say is most important to you?

Hurt by the Church?

This article seeks to aid in understanding hurt at the hands of the church.

Question: Specifically, how could this help you or someone you know?

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