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Monday Challenge 10.27.14 – Wide Road to Divorce, Happy All the Time, Parenting IS Waiting



Great articles this week. Time for another Monday Challenge! As usual, I’ll be by on Friday with a look at the article that gets the most clicks and deserves that attention!

Link of the Week

There is a wide road to divorce. This brutally real article should help those who sometimes just don’t understand why divorce happens.

Question: What would you do if you ended up in this author’s circumstances?

The Christian Faith

1. Parenting IS waiting.

Question: Speaking of brutal articles, how’s this one for reality? If you fixed on ONE of the many fine points here, which one was it and why?

2. Also from Desiring God: Attend corporate worship!

Question: Which of the three reasons do you think is most difficult for our culture to overcome?

3. The attacks in Ottawa last week were newsworthy, even in the U.S. This is a great response, from a Canadian believer.

Question: Why is it easy to bury these things below the surface?

4. Can you be happy in every circumstance?

Question: How do you deal with the reality of suffering and difficulty when you know that God wants you to have joy in Him?

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