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Monday Challenge 10.26.15 – Healthy Sexuality, Teen Driving, Church Is Not A Drive Through


Happy Monday morning!

Maybe you don’t think it’s happy. That’s okay, it’s Monday. You don’t have to love it passionately. I find it hard to believe this is the last Monday of October. I hope you find these articles challenging. I’ll be back Friday with a feature on the one that gets clicked most!

And…for you regular readers…it’s almost time for the annual give-away! More details to come in the next couple weeks.

Healthy Sexuality

This article outlines six great marks of healthy sexuality. From unmarried to married, this provides some great points for a godly approach to sexuality!

Question: According to this article, how should we deal with sexual dysfunction and brokenness?

Teen Driving

Five quick, but helpful tips to keep teens safe. Ignore the annoying ads on this site.

Question: If you’re an adult, do you drive with these restraints?


This fantastic piece describes a life-altering encounter with the truth of Jesus. Check it out!

Question: What has burned in your bonfire?

The Church Is Not…

A drive through. Really, we should treat the church as something far different.

Question: To give or to get? Which is your approach to church?


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