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Monday Challenge 10.21.13

Another Monday? Get your challenge to start the week right here.  Click on the articles that interest you, think through the questions that go along with each article.  Friday I’ll be back with a article that got the most clicks for the week.

Link of the Week

Hating porn and loving Jesus.

Question: Is porn something you hate? Are you willing to attack sin in general?

The Christian Faith

1. Five tips for effective public Scripture reading. Interesting.

Question: Which had you never thought before?

2. Oh is Paul Tripp good.  Here are his thoughts on what forgiveness requires.

Question: Have you ever forgiven and skipped one of these things?


Yes, a married mom and dad do matter.  So says a study from Canada.

Question: If you believe in traditional marriage, how does this article specifically help you?

Teen culture

1. Thigh Gap? It is what you think and it matters more than it should.

Question: If you’re an older reader, do you think stuff like this helps you understand the way young women are viewing themselves?

2. The first paragraph of this article will challenge and educate you.

Question: Does this surprise you? How can you respond?


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