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Monday Challenge 10.2.17 – The Reformation, Hugh Hefner and Trump Supporters

Good morning. A few articles to challenge you today!

The Reformation

If you are a believer who does not (or even one who does) go to a Catholic Church, this year is the 500th anniversary of the events that led to the split. It’s known as the Protestant Reformation.

This journal has a whole issue dedicated to the Reformation.

See their site all month long for articles like theseDesiring God has 31 days of looking at the Reformation through they eyes of key players. , which begin a few hundred years BEFORE the Reformation actually happened.

Question: What can studying the Reformation mean for your faith all these years later?

Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump Supporters

Do Donald Trump supporters have anything to say in response to a guy like Hugh Hefner?

Good question. I don’t have this one all figured out, but I encourage some wrestling with it!

Question: How important is it to have a consistent voice regarding issues of public morality?

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