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Monday Challenge 10.17.16 – Confusing Election, Serious Satire, Restoring Civility



Good Monday morning. No such thing? C’mon…

Good Monday Challenge? Well, each can form his/her own opinion. Check out the topics, articles, and…be challenged!

Clarity In A Confusing Election

Kevin DeYoung with some helpful thoughts about this difficult election.

Question: Which point made the most impact?

Serious Satire

The Babylon Bee has some funny articles. I’m sure you’ve seen them. This article talks a bit about the personal side of the creator of the site.

Question: How do you respond to the serious side of something so funny?

Online Provokers

Tim Challies has a good article linking people of Proverbs to the provocative type you run into on the internet.

Question: Can you spot any of these tendencies in yourself?

Restoring Civility?

Can we experience a restoration of civility? If so, what role should believers play?

Question: Do you agree with the responsibility Keller challenges believers to admit?


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