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Monday Challenge 10.16.17 – Elderly, Today’s Teens, Gays and Church

Interesting articles for sure. So if Monday has you a bit sluggish, stimulate your mind here!

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

This read is a bit lengthy, but it should make all of us think.

Question: Even if the steps in this article seem extreme, when SHOULD this type of action take place?

Today’s Teens

What a great read to understand today’s teens.

Question: Why do you think “looking good” (all the time) matters so much? How can our culture de-emphasize it?


I found this interesting, if not disturbing. Was Equifax hacked by state sponsored pros?

Question: Will the amazing amount of information flowing through cyberspace, will we ever feel safe?

Gays and Church

While I’m not a fan of the term “gay Christian” (we can discuss that another time), this article brings out some challenging aspects regarding sexuality and the local church.

Question: Does everyone get space to wrestle with things in our churches?

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