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Monday Challenge 10.13.14 – Christian Doctrine, Church Leaders, Christianity in the U.S.


Another week, another bunch of articles. I hope you find these challenging. After all, that’s’ the point.

Most Fridays I am back with a feature on the article that is clicked the most. Read away!

Link of the Week

The U.S. still has plenty of Christian influence. This article comes from the opinion pages of the N.Y. Times. It is worth thinking about.

Question: How discouraged do you think we should be? Exactly how do you form that opinion?

Christian Doctrine

1. Here’s a great post from Tim Challies on why doctrine matters.

Question: Which of the six reasons challenges you the most?

2. I’m linking this article hoping at least one person will read it. It’s a challenge, but it’s really worth thinking about.

Question: Why do doctrines like this matter to the average Christian?

3. The fallout from bad doctrine – Bart Campolo and his dad Tony’s reaction. It’s worth reading why he doesn’t consider himself a Christian.

Question: Does this help you understand how important doctrine really is?

Non-Paid Church Leaders

Read this great article about what church leaders do (this is especially about non-paid church leaders).

Question: Do you aspire to church leadership? If so or if not, does this article help you realize what church leaders do?


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