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Monday Challenge 10.12.15 – God on Monday, What People Can’t Do, Bedtime Texting


Happy Monday everyone! Along with that comes a new set of challenging articles. Maybe you saw some of these last week, maybe you didn’t. Either way, enjoy – and be challenged!

God on Monday

Is God as relevant on Monday as He is on Sunday?

Question: Would you describe your life as Godward?

What People Can’t Do For You

Paul Tripp once again does a great job of pointing us to God. This article contains a great list of things people just can’t do for us.

Question: Which one hits closest to home?

Think Time Management

This article suggest something specific regarding phone calls. I need help thinking like this.

Question: Do you ever think about the specifics of your schedule like this?

Teens and Bedtime Texting

Research shows some interesting negatives to teens and bedtime texting.

Question: What’s wrong with banning smartphone use at bedtime?

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