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Monday Challenge 10.10.16 – Ghettos, Trophy Children, Non-Love Lanugage


Monday Challenge – on Wednesday! Hey, it’s my blog, I’ll make the rules!

I hope these articles will challenge the way you think. You may not agree with all of them – sometimes I don’t. Be challenged!


These sort of sentiments have always made me think. Has the government created ghettos?

Question: Will we even listen when people suggest these sorts of things?

Parenting and Children

Trophy Children: This article demands parents answer regarding the nature of their identity.

Question: Children or otherwise, does horizontal or vertical define our identity?

No more: This plea calls for no more parenting advice. The basis comes from the first article and includes fourteen principles of Christian parenting.

Question: Which of the fourteen do you find most helpful?

Non-Love Languages

What happens when love doesn’t speak your language?

Question: How does this article help you balance the selfishness that love languages can unwittingly produce?


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