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Monday Challenge 1.9.17 – Martyred Ecuador Missionaries, Taco Bell, Engagement

Time for another set of challenging articles. Nothing shall separate us from the love of God – not even Monday. Okay, I heard that somewhere else, but it applies!

Slain in the Shadow of the Almighty

Read this for a fantastic viewpoint on the martyrdom of five missionaries in Ecuador in 1956.

Question: How does this article help you understand God’s sovereignty?

Taco Bell Healthy?

Yes, but… The reason will (or maybe won’t) surprise you.

Question: What insights does this give into the nature of capitalism?

Surprise Conversion

This comes from a pretty reputable site and should challenge the way we think about those putting themselves in harm’s way for Christ.

Question: Do you believe God can do this sort of thing?


Some practical advice on not wasting your engagement. Great applications for married people or those seeking to mentor engaged/young married couples.

Question: How does the advice about individual growth sit with or challenge you?

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