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Monday Challenge 1.8.18

Good morning! Time for the first Monday Challenge of 2018. I did post links last week, but didn’t quite make it on Monday, so here you go. Be challenged!

Christian Husbands

From Desiring Go: To what end do Christian husbands strive? This article provides some perspective.

Question: How does this challenge your approach to marriage?


Another Desiring God article has caused quite a dust up in internet debate circles. Evaluate the content and ask yourself:

Question: Does this article condemn all doubt as some suggest it does?

Youth Ministry

This article challenged my thoughts regarding youth ministry. We can all take part.

Question: How do you think about and participate in youth ministry?

Kids and Cell Phones

This 3-minute video answers: when should kids get their first smart phone?

Question: How do you answer this? What should give parents pause in making this decision?

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