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Monday Challenge – 1.6.14 – New Year’s Thoughts and Stuff About Pastors

Wow. It’s 2014. Aren’t we supposed to be riding around on hovering skateboards for now?

Well since we can’t do that, we can at least challenge our minds. Here are a bunch of articles that should provide some good thinking to kick off the new year. Stop back Friday and I’ll feature the article that gets the most clicks!

Links of the Week – Think About the New Year!

It’s a new year. Let’s go with three links for New Year’s thinking. First, 10 good questions for the new year. Second, don’t waste your weaknesses in 2014. Third (also from DG), a new year should force us to think FORWARD, not backward.

Question: Is there anything more intentional for 2014 you need to do or apply as a result of these articles?

About Pastors and Their Reflections

Here are two articles which feature pastors and their reflections over long ministries. These are helpful in understanding what this aspect of ministry is about.

Seven ways pastoring has changed in the past 30 years.

This pastor had 40 years of ministry. Here are things he wish he would have known.

Question: What speaks loudest to you in these reflections?

The Christian Faith

1. Never forget to pray for those serving in the armed forces.

Question: How can you encourage someone who is serving or has served?

2. Here is a great challenge to do something very simple to act out the faith.

Question: Do you know someone struggling with hope in your life? How can you respond?

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