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Monday Challenge 1.30.17 – Refugees, Profanity, Turkey (the country)

Good morning – yes?

If no, how about a challenge anyway? Plenty to think about in our world. Do some work and shape your thinking.


Apparently our president signed an executive order, in case you didn’t know. This order will have effects on real people suffering through real problems. A couple articles:

This one from Moody Radio’s WCRF Morning host compares supporting refugees to supporting the unborn.

This one from a college prof and pastor helpfully provides several links from a variety of standpoints.

Bottom line: I’m not comfortable with the pace of everything, the difficulty in getting accurate information, and the attention our president seems to enjoy. Further complicating the lives of the innocent seems a heavy price to pay for shortsighted (and hard to factually justify) policy.


Words matter. At least, so says this article.

Question: Does this challenge how you use language?

Christians in Turkey

This is worth the read. The politics of Turkey have shifted at lightning speed, affecting the lives of believers in Turkey.

Question: How can you pray for this troubled nation and its believers?

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