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Monday Challenge 1.29.18 – 10 Things About Sex, Proudly Pro-Life, Gymnast Confronts Abuser

Monday means challenging articles. Challenging for me, anyhow. Hopefully, challenging for you as well. Enjoy!

10 Things About Sex

These points will cultivate your thinking about sex, no matter your relationship status.

Question: Do you really believe, really believe, #8?

Proudly Pro-Life

“…not because we’re trying to shame or guilt…” Often it can feel that way. But this article challenges our motives in standing for life.

Question: Do you want to inspire change regarding life?

I Almost Left Evangelicalism

This word will encourage brothers and sisters frustrated by racial reconciliation efforts in the church.

Question: If you could sum this article’s encouragement in one word, what one would you use?

A Gymnast Confronts Her Abuser

I am currently preaching through a series called “Jesus, Justice, and Mercy”. This young woman embodies all three in her address to the man who abused her and many other gymnasts. Well worth your time.

Question: How did this help you as you process such issues in your own life and thinking?


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