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Monday Challenge 1.25.16 – When Abortion Stopped Making Sense, 45 Minutes With God, Above Reproach


Monday yet again. Time to be challenged:

Roe v. Wade

Fifty-three years ago the Roe v. Wade decision altered the course of our country considerably. This articles challenges us near the anniversary of the historic decision: “When Abortion Stopped Making Sense”. In a related article, the abortion industry is losing its glamour.

Question: Have you ever made a decision without knowing future consequences?

45 minutes

I’d venture to guess most people have forty-five minutes per day. This articles shows a very practical way to spend 45 minutes per day with God.

Question: Does anyone have other systems or models they use?

Above Reproach

Great questions, good thinking. As believers, Scripture demands living “above reproach”.

Question: Does lack of honesty keep reproach in your life?

Don’t Be Bored

A great article encouraging us to “wonder”.

Question: The last time I got frustrated was Sunday night because my internet was slow. You?


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