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Monday Challenge 1.23.17 – Aging Gracefully, Unqualified President, Selling a Birthright

Good morning! I hope you take some time this Monday for a challenge. I share what I find interesting and whether you (or I) agree or not at least I hope these articles will make you think.

Aging Gracefully

Tim Challies has a great recent series on aging.  This particular one focuses on the responsibility that comes with aging. You can link to other topics in the “aging” series through this article. They include sorrow and joy that come with aging.

Question: Do you have a well developed view of what should happen as we age?

An Unqualified President

This article shows why lack of moral character disqualified both major candidates for president this time around. It also gives hope and practical advice to the believer.

Question: Which piece of advice engages and inspires you the most?


This article helps define the term.

Question: Would you change this definition in anyway? Why?

Selling A Birthright

It seems easy to get on Esau’s case for selling his birthright. Do we do the same?

Question: Which temporal pleasure or interest would you have the hardest time abandoning if God asked that of you?

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