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Monday Challenge 1.22.18

Up for a challenge? I hope that’s why you clicked here.


I know MLK day occurred last Monday. Does that matter? This article will challenge your thinking on life and mission…and dreaming.

Question: What did you think about the quote from King’s last speech?

Simple Daily Prayers

I enjoyed this article offering practical advice. Seven simple daily prayers.

Question: Which of the seven helps you the most?

Baseball’s Economic System

I found this fascinating: an inside look at baseball’s breaking (or broken) economic system.

Question: Does this make a complex subject understandable?

Plan Your Own Funeral

We can all use this type of encouragement as followers of Jesus.

Question: Do you have a healthy outlook on death?

Answering Questions About Scripture’s “Inconsistency”

This article helps understand some of the key differences between the Old and New Testaments.

Question: How would you answer the question about the supposed inconsistency this article describes?

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