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Monday Challenge 1.20.15 – “Hate Crimes”, Unworthy Lives, Squashing Anxiety, Be Salt


It’s Monday again. Anyone up for a good challenge? I hope s0. Why else would you have stopped by?

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Fired for Faith

In response to the Atlanta fire chief getting axed for his faith, Russell Moore asks: Is glorifying God a hate crime now?

Question: How does this article shape your thinking about living as a Christian?

Be the Salt

Cornell Ngare brings a great perspective to Jesus’ challenge to live as salt.

Question: This week, how can you help the world experience salt?

Squashing Anxiety

This post definitely stretched me. But the point, if not taken as a “do-it-once-and-everything-is-fine” sort of cure, rings true: Squash anxiety by . . . .

Question: Do you think this is realistic?

Sanctity of Life

Is any life unworthy?

Question: How can this article challenge someone’s view of what life really is?

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