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Monday Challenge 1.20.14 – Improving Your Parenting Skills, and Reacting to a Special Needs Child

I hope your holiday today includes at least some thankfulness for MLK’s contributions. On to today’s challenge – enjoy these articles and take the time to reflect. Be challenged!

Link of the Week

Three quick things that will help you improve your parenting skills. This probably wasn’t meant to be in depth, but it was helpful for a few quick thoughts. If you’re a parent and you’re like me, you can always stand to think about your parenting!

Special Needs Children

Let this article challenge you.

Question: Could you do this in a completely new situation? It would be tough, but that’s why it’s called Monday challenge!

Question: Anything else you would add?

The Christian Faith

1. Read this article and scroll to the part about the new tolerance.

Question: What do you make of this?

2. This is a very helpful perspective on love. Take some time and read it!

Question: Even if you don’t like grammar, is love more than something we do?


This is worth thinking about. Owning a home is better than renting. I think this may make a few assumptions that are a bit too much, but there are some challenging things here.

Question: Anything here you hadn’t thought about?

Sociology and Marriage

Here’s a decent video on why marriage matters in public policy. This is from the social science perspective.

Question: Did you find this helpful? How so, or how not?


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