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Monday Challenge 1.16.17 – MLK, Streep and Condescension, Evangelicalism, Retirement

Good Monday morning!

Today’s holiday establishes the precedent that the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. is worth remembering in a special way. Enjoy the day off, but reflect on issues conquered and issues which still remain.

Now…onto some articles that may challenge your thinking!

Letter From a Birmingham Jail

This article requires a bit of work, but it will help you understand the issues of the time period as well as the nature of and King’s response to injustice.

Question: How will we respond?

Streep and Condescension

Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America. This article touches on a lot of dynamics about the divide in our country.

Question: How does this help you understand? What can you do about it?

Good Retirement

Check out this blog. It does a good job of helping readers think about a “good retirement”.

What Is Evangelicalism?

Good question. Many may hear the term without really understanding its meaning. This article provides some help.

Question: How has understanding the term shaped how you think about it?

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