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Monday Challenge 1.13.14 – Effects of Missions, A Heart-Breaking Story, And A Marriage Challenge

A quick few links to get you going for Monday. Be challenged!

Link of the Week

I am still digesting all this, but it sounds great. This article discusses a study which shows the impact of missionaries around the world, and the news is good.

Question: Simply, how does this shape your thinking?

The Christian Faith

1.Read about where on the globe life has the most meaning (according to the people living there).

Question: What defines meaning to you? How does this article challenge that?

2. Here’s a quick reminder that persecution is real.

Question: When was the last time you were persecuted? What did it look like?

3. MARRIAGE: Here are six deadly enemies of marriage.

Question: Which speaks the loudest to you?

4. This guy is right about this little girl. I encourage you to watch this.

Question: Does this affect us, or are we totally numb? What is minimal response when things like this go on in our world?





  1. The research about missionaries is interesting. I hear so many stories of missionaries doing more harm than good, and I know so many poor, suffering people who love Jesus that I’m partially surprised by it.

    • KevinBurkholder says:

      I thought you might be interested in that article 🙂 I was encouraged too as I have heard the horror stories as well.

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