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Monday Challenge 1.12.15 – A Teen on Social Media, Intergenerational Friendships, Gentleness

Social-MediaChampionship day has arrived. Football may fill the minds of many in Ohio and across the nation, but how about a challenge in the meantime? I love to share what challenges me. As always, I’ll be back Friday with a feature on which article gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

This article takes a look at intergenerational friendships. Our churches need them!

Question: How similar are your relationships?

Teens and Social Media

1. A teen shares his views on various social media sites and apps.

Question: If you’re a bit more advanced in years, how does this young man’s input shape the way you think?

2. For parents: A social media conversation worth having.

Question: Is it easy to see something like this happening?


A basic article with a basic point: display gentleness.

Question: Does this help you think about how you react?

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