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Monday Challenge 1.11.16 – Don’t Play the Lottery, Stillbirth, Blushing at Bible Metaphors


Good morning everyone. I hope your weekend ended well with many blessings of worship, fellowship, and hopefully a little rest.

Time for Monday Challenge!

Don’t Play the Lottery

Desiring God provides seven reasons NOT to play the Lottery. Hint: it’s totally immoral!

Question: Do you think lottery playing comes down to Christian freedom? Or, should believers avoid it as immoral?


This topic has, woefully, thrust itself into my life. I found this testimony from a neutral source helpful. Plow through the hurt and wrestle through this.

Question: Do you normally shy away from difficult topics?

Sustainable Schedule

This article aims at pastors, but can the rest of us  benefit from thinking about and breaking down our schedules?

Question: Can you glean anything from this article?

Sexual Metaphors in the Bible

Why do believers blush at these types of metaphors? John Piper answers with some helpful advice and thinking. Challenge yourself and read this! (or listen to the podcast)

Question: How do we benefit from metaphors that may make us blush?


  1. Lana Koehler says:

    Thanks for this group of articles. The poignancy of the stillbirth article at a time when my heart still aches was a glimpse of real heaven on earth. The Lottery article was a no-brainer, since we never play (although if someone would like to GIVE us a winning ticket, I don’t think that we’d turn it down). Sustainable Schedule reminded me of the importance of exercise and renewed my resolve to do it regularly. On the last topic, I’m still blushing, too.

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