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Links and Bullets 4.4.11

It’s April.  What crazy weather here in NE Ohio.  No weather in this week’s links:


–Parents or anyone who works with or knows young kids/teens, please read this.


–Send me a message to my e-mail or FB inbox and let me know if you’ll order some of these and pass them out to people you know.  Looks like a good book.


One person’s take on why the Bible is true.

–Landmark archaeology discovery.

Going to church makes you fat.


Islam in American schools – interesting read.

Go Ethiopia!!


  • I rode public transportation in Akron today for the first time in 11+ years of living in this city.  Awesome!
  • God is really doing some amazing things – keep on praying!
  • We opened a window at our house this morning to warm up the inside.  It worked!
  • Heard this a while ago and I like it, so I’ll share.  When people want intervention in self-made crisis, a good response is:  “I hope you don’t want me to step in between the law of reaping and sowing.”  Bottom line?  Don’t expect someone to be able to fix problems you created for yourself!  Dealing with consequences is a great way to learn.
  • A couple from our church is expected to land in Cleveland today with three children they’ve adopted from Laos – two teens and a six year old.  No current or previous children of their own.  Woohoo!
  • It was a good feeling to get quite a bit done today.
  • I have really enjoyed having our little foster daughter Jocelyn.  I am praying God makes the best and most of this situation.  We still have no idea what to expect and probably will have her for the next several months at least.
  • I am learning something new all the time – there is a lot going on and a lot to respond to.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn things and sharpen my discernment and ability to respond.
  • I don’t know how any pastor can plan messages in his office.  For me there is way too much going on and far too many interruptions.  I have gone to a model of chunking time (3-4 hours or 7-8 hours) a couple times per month to get the biggest chunks of my outlining and research done.  It’s a model that has really been taking the pressure off during the week and freeing me up to do visits and be involved in other ways in people’s lives.
  • We are trying to conquer the grocery store.  I feel like we could shave some funds off our budget by making less trips and organizing what we need.  It’s time for us to tell the store that we’re coming, rather than the store telling us when we have to come!

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