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Link Highlight: Gossip is the most ignored sin.

Well, at least the title to this post is one person’s take.  Here’s the link that garnered the most interest from last week (yes I’m a bit late):

Gossip is the most ignored sin.

A few of my comments:

1. Know what gossip is.

Did you realize that gossip can be true?  Problem is, even if it’s true, if it’s not going directly to the person and moving toward a solution, it’s not beneficial – and it’s sinful.

2. Resist character assassination.

Why? It’s sinful.

Why? It’s fun!

Why? It makes us feel good.

Really, all those things are true.  I know adulthood is not really junior high, but at times it’s very true that we will belittle others behind their back in order to build ourselves up.  We MUST resist this in the context of Christian communication.

3. The focus on the golden rule is very telling.  

Do we really want to be treated this way?  Then don’t do it.  And the last thing I’d say is this: be sure that what you say about someone “in confidence” will probably be re-told.


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