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Link Highlight 3.9.13 – The Bible Is Not About You

Lots of clicks from Monday’s post, but this one was the highest.  And I love the title:

The Bible Is Not About You

Read this short little article first.

Here’s what stands out to me:

We DO live in a self-centered culture.

It’s hard to know how much self-centeredness has permeated all we are.  But this article is very helpful in how it points out to us that the Bible isn’t designed to be relevant to us.  It’s designed to be about God.  Now, don’t rush . . .

Yes, the Bible is relevant.

Sure, it’s incredible how the Bible speaks to issues in your life in mine, all these years later.  But, its purpose is not to be a self-help book like we understand self-help books.  The Bible is ultimately about God and His story.  We need to figure out how HIS story is put together and then be a part of the work to which He calls us.

Be challenged!

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