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Link Highlight 10.14.12 – Challenging Thoughts on Abortion and Other Topics

If only for the first couple minutes, this video is worth watching.  Apparently, some others thought the same thing.  It was the highest clicked link from Monday’s post.  Here you go!

A few thoughts:

1. This is exactly why adoption is powerful and important.

Why are you doing this?  This would be a question I’m sure Voddie Bauchum has heard before.  But the heart to obey goes above logic sometimes.  We desire that as Christians.  Adoption is a powerful option, an important concept for so many in tough spots seeking answers to hard questions.

2. More importantly, this is exactly why all lives are valuable.  It stresses the importance of a Creator.

Each life, no matter how conceived, is important.  Adoption is a perfect alternative to each life.  Each life is specially created, even by very difficult circumstances.  I wonder how anti-abortion folks respond here.  Do the woman who allowed her baby to live make the WRONG decision?  Hmmmm…

3. Challenge your thoughts and your theology.

I pray that you will imagine being in a difficult spot.  I pray you’ll imagine what you could do to help someone in a difficult spot.  I pray God will be glorified in every way imaginable in your lives.  And, I pray as you listen to this video, that you’ll challenge yourself with who you think God is, and how far his reach extends into our lives.  Either the Bible is true (God formed us in the womb and knew us there), or we have other choices just because we’re enlightened.  It’s NOT one or the other.

Hope the weekend is well!

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