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Kevin’s 50 Miles for Justice – A Challenge of Faith and Life. Will You Be A Part?

I am excited to announce that I am launching into a specific challenge over the next several months.  Between today, May 26, and Saturday November 3, I am embarking on Kevin’s 50 miles for Justice – a Challenge of Faith and Life.  Here is the What, the Why, and the How You Can Be a Part.


On Saturday November 3rd I’m going to attempt to run 50 miles all at once.  And since I think that’s mentally and physically going to be a very difficult task, I’m doing it raise money for a cause – the International Justice Mission.  (Visit this website and see below for more on the fundraising part.) I’m also challenging people I know and people who read this blog to do something they’ve never done before.


There are some very simple reasons I’m doing this.  Here they are:

  • I want to honor Jesus with my life.  He died on the cross to free people from sin.  I believe the Bible speaks very clearly about justice and freedom.
  • I want to challenge people to do something with their life they’ve never done before.
  • I want to have motivation for my training.
  • No one should ever be bored.  I’m trying to help people think about how to combat boredom.
  • I would love to be a part of saving children and/or adults from international sex trafficking and slavery.  I’d also love it if more people became aware of this global crisis and got involved.


There are some main ways I’m challenging you to be a part of this specific journey in my life.

1. Pray that God would be glorified.

Seriously, if I am glorified in all this, it’s a big waste.  No one needs another person and another cause.  I hope this is an encouragement to others that brings glory to God.  Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Do something this summer/fall that you’ve never done before.

I’m challenging this happy little group of people who read my blog to do something you’ve never done before.  Get active.  Run a 5K.  Get to know someone you dislike.  Bury the hatchet with someone.  If you’re not a Christian, get some answers about why people are Christians. If you’re a believer, grow in your faith – read the bible between now and November 3rd.  That might mean a little less ice cream and Netflix, but you can do it.  Share your faith with one person per week.  Organize a free car wash in your neighborhood and refuse to let anyone pay you.  I hope these ideas spur your thinking.  Use this summertime to do something!

NOTE:  If you decide to do something and want to encourage others, e-mail me directly at  I’ll be posting blogs over the next several months which will share ideas and encouragement for what others are doing.


What do I mean $500 or more?  Here’s how this will work.  I have set up a web page that will track what anyone decides to give.  Is it worth trading a pizza so someone across the globe can be freed from sexual slavery?  If you’d like to contribute, go to this website:

Kevin’s 50 miles for justice.

If the readers of this blog donate a combined $250, my wife and I will match it for a total of $500.  If the readers of this blog donate a combined $500, my wife and I will match it for a total of $1000!!

Please do not feel obligated to give money.  There are passions other people have I am not a part of and I don’t expect them to be offended if I don’t share the same passion.


I am excited to spur people in my life to deeper faith in Christ through love and good deeds.  I do that (I hope!) in other intentional ways already.  This is not to diminish any of those.  However, in adding this personal focus over the next several months, I hope to share some encouragement among friends and acquaintances and benefit an organization and a cause I think people should know about.

A usual theme of why I write a blog is this:  be challenged!  So, everyone – BE CHALLENGED!


  1. I’m praying for you as you Go
    for it!


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