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I Praise God I Wasn’t Seriously Injured This Past Weekend

I could have been seriously injured.  It’s always interesting to think that immediately after a situation comes and goes . . . and you weren’t seriously injured.  Here’s what happened . . .

I went to camp with a group of teen guys and leaders this past Friday/Saturday.  Saturday afternoon we went on a hike to one of my favorite spots in camp.  The picture above shows me at the bottom of a waterfall that is probably 40-50 feet high.  In order to get to that spot you need to descend a hill of equal length, which is very steep.

I attempted to lower myself slowly into the valley, but I quickly began to gain speed on a very steep hill.  I attempted to grab a tree to stop my fall – and missed.  After I missed the tree I suddenly came to a stop looking backward up the hill at one of the young men who was also descending the hill.  I quickly realized that the only thing that had stopped my fall was a tree root that somehow grabbed my left ankle.

Had the tree root not grabbed my ankle I would have been head over heels about 30 more feet down – onto a bed of rock below.  Who knows what would have happened (others have made the entire fall and survived and even escaped injury), but I am grateful I did not have to find out.  I am spending some time this morning giving thanks that my body is intact – minus a small bit of soreness.

I praise God for his provision – He’s always at the “root” of the solution.

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