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Think and Act 11.20.13 – I Have Only One Reason To Be Thankful

If I am thankful for people in my life, that’s great and it will likely help my relationships.

If I am thankful for things, it shows I respect what I have.

If I am thankful things are different or better than they used to be, it shows I have perspective or I’ve made good decisions.

But, true thankfulness shouldn’t shine the spotlight on me. I have only one reason to be thankful, and that must point to God, the only reason I should really be thankful. He truly is the source of all other blessings, either material or relational, and I hope that in this season of thanksgiving you will join me in making sure God receives the thanks He truly deserves.

Think. Is your thanksgiving more about you or about God?

Act. Be sure to give God thanks first. If you must tell others you’re thankful for them, be sure to let them know you thank God for them.

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