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Highlights from the Pastors’ Conference


I had the joy to attend the conference for pastors sponsored by Bethlehem College and Seminary this week. I flew out Monday morning to Minneapolis and returned safely this afternoon (Thursday).

This conference stood out. Indeed, not all conferences are created equal. Some speak in certain ways due to life situations, ministry needs, and specific helpfulness in certain areas. I definitely felt the tug to go as soon as I heard the theme, and then I saw God provide for me to go.

The theme revolved around encouraging pastors in the face of suffering. As Christianity gets pushed to the cultural margins, pastors will need to respond with courage.

Some highlights from the conference.

  • Perhaps the only thing surprising about Christians suffering is that we’re surprised we’re suffering.
  • Persecution comes from both outside and inside the church.
  • The harshness of words used in the face of opposition depends on who opposes you.
  • Persecution escalated in the book of Acts. That pattern bears watching in all societies including the U.S.
  • The United States, with respect to the length of time of Christian influence upon society, represents the exception rather than the rule in the scope of world history.
  • True, saving faith in Jesus Christ cannot be defeated. Attempting to defeat true faith in Jesus Christ only leads to more victory and glory for Christ.
  • The sermon D.A. Carson gave on Revelation 12 was one of the more powerful sermons I’ve ever heard. It felt like 2,000 people were drawn into an event together. Praise God.
  • Evil is confronted and conquered by the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of believers. If we want the kingdom of God to strengthen, believers need to speak up and share the message of forgiveness in Christ!
  • God encouraged me through several meaningful connections both in the course of travel and at the conference.
  • I was encouraged to connect yet again with a pastor friend from Washington state I met randomly five years ago at the same conference.
  • The respectful, public disagreement among committed brothers in Christ always enlightens me.

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